• Customized Sales Scripts Tailored For Business
  • How to Cold Call Like a Professional
  • How to Handle & Overcome Objections
  • How to Prospect for Leads or New Business
  • The Art of Closing a Sale and Generating More Business


  • How to Effectively Increase Customer Reviews
  • How to Manage, Improve or Maintain Positive Ratings
  • The Power of Comments for Increasing Business


  • Conceptualizing Original Logo Ideas for your Business
  • Clever & Memorable Slogans, Tag Lines, Catch Phrases
  • Creative Copy Writing For Powerful & Professional Profiles

Advertising & Marketing

  • Building Strategy Into Your Presentation
  • How to Utilize Google My Business as a Local Business Owner
  • How to Read & Understand Analytics Reports
  • Running Google, Facebook, Yelp, or LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media For Small Businesses
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO vs. Ads vs. Maps
  • Utilizing Directories
  • When to Use a Third Party Company For Advertising